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Wedding Trends for 2019

With the wedding season coming to an end this year, we are looking forward to 2019 to see what are the predicted trends. The key trends for next year are metallic accents, neon signs, velvet decor, pastel colours and unique wedding 'cakes'.

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Add a Touch of Magic to your Special Day

At Platinum Moments, we have a team of magicians that will give your day a magical flare. All our magicians have years of experience performing throughout the UK and Europe.

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10 things to Remember on your Wedding Day

After months of planning down to the smallest of details, you are bound to forget something. So here at Platinum Moments, we have put together the 10 top things to remember on your big day.

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Unique Wedding Gifts

Nowadays couples don't follow the old traditions of not living with your partner until marriage. It's unusual that couples don't live together before becoming husband and wife. With that said, the traditional pots and pans aren't seen on the wedding list anymore as the couple already have their home. Guests now have to think of different ideas to gift the happy couple.

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How to Dress your Venue

You've got the ring on your finger, and now the planning commences. Lots of couples feel completely overwhelmed by the thought of planning a wedding, so don't worry you aren't alone! Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to take some ideas away on how you want to dress your venue.

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Grab a prop and strike a pose...

Photo booths are a great addition at any event. I know we are a little biased, but we have seen first hand how much fun everyone has!

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Consider These 5 Things When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Selecting the perfect wedding venue can be a very stressful task in itself! Remember these 5 useful tips to help with your selection when you start planning your BIG day!

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When Your Friends Get Engaged & When Your ‘Friends’ Get Engaged

Now that engagement season is starting to die down, you may start noticing something a little odd about your newly engaged buddies…

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7 Exercises That Will Have You Looking Amazing On The Alter

Do you want to look great for your wedding? Well, it’s time to stop thinking about your tux and what colour socks you’ll be wearing on your special day and it’s time start thinking about your temple, otherwise known as your body!

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5 Quick Tips To Picking The Perfect First Dance Song

There are many moments in your wedding adventure when all eyes will truly be on you and your fiancé. One of those moments is during your first dance.

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Green Is The Magic Colour!

With our incredible Photo Booth technology and the ability to create the impossible with a simple backdrop, it’s no wonder the Green Screen effect is one of our favourites.

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Tips On How To Pose On Your Wedding Day

You won’t be the first bride to break out in a sweat at the word posing and you certainly won’t be the last! we have put together our top tips for posing.

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Who Doesn’t Love A Sweet Cart?

The Sweet Cart truly does look amazing when decorated for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events!

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Professional DJ For Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive! Unless you are marvelously wealthy, you probably have a budget that you are struggling to stay within.

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Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Corporate Event

Photo booths are becoming very popular for corporate events, and it's not suprising!

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Recipe For A Great Party

Organizing a party to remember isn’t as easy as it sounds or as easy as you might think!

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The History Behind Bunny Ears

We’ve probably all done it before, I know we’ve definitely all been a victim of it at one stage of our lives, but what does having two fingers stuck up behind your head actually mean?