10 things to Remember on your Wedding Day

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After months of planning down to the smallest of details, you are bound to forget something. So here at Platinum Moments, we have put together the  10 top things to remember on your big day.

1. Eat Breakfast
It may seem like such an obvious statement, but so many brides skip breakfast on their big day due to nerves. You’ll be up early to start hair and makeup. Then over to the ceremony which usually takes place around midday, but you won’t sit down at your wedding 'breakfast' for a few hours, so eating a good breakfast is essential.

2. Allow Plenty of Time
Makeup artists, hair stylists and a bunch of tipsy girls. Allow for an extra hour, when getting ready - trust me you'll need it! It isn't just any day it's your wedding day. Your makeup will take longer than usual, and your hair might need some last minute tweaks. It's best to be ready on time and sip champagne while you wait for your groom to arrive, rather than run an hour late and have him standing there panicking.

3. Surprise, Surprise
It’s common for you to give your partner one final gift before the “I do's”. Whether it's something small like cufflinks or earrings to wear on the day. Or a heartfelt note before you see one another, it is entirely your choice. You can make it the task of your maid of honour and best man to deliver them.

4. Girl Power
Time will fly by, and it will all feel like a bit of a rush, but try your best to cherish the time shared with your mum and bridesmaids as you get ready. Let yourselves get a little teary (pre-makeup, of course!) and don’t miss having photographs of just you and your mum, which might otherwise be forgotten.

5. Father-Daughter Time
If you’re lucky enough to have a good relationship with your dad and have him with you for your wedding day, don’t miss the chance to make memories with him too. After all, he is letting go of his little girl, so it's an emotional day for him.

One of the most significant parts of the day, the rings! Whoever is in charge of looking after the rings until the ceremony, make sure they have them with them at all times. You don't want to have the embarrassing moment where they pat down their suit at the altar when he realises he left them back at the hotel.

7. Time with your Partner
With so many friends and family to speak to, it's easy to get carried away and not spend any alone time with your partner. Make sure you spend time together to soak up the day.

8. Don't drink too much
Everyone has a drunk uncle who will end up with his tie around his head in the middle of the dance floor, right? It's probably best to leave him to feel horrible in the morning. Most couples nowadays will tell you they want to remember the day and last until the evening. After all those months of planning, surely you'd want to remember your big day.

9. What to take home with you
Apart from the obvious, most couples forget to jot down what they need to bring back with them on the night. From your bouquet to sweets from the sweet cart. Everything will all be packed up at the end of the night so make sure you remember everything you need.

10. Have FUN
Lastly, have fun! You've planned for months, you've stressed over every little detail, it's time to let loose and enjoy yourself. You have just married the person of your dreams.

Hopefully, this has calmed your nerves, ready for your big day. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, launching next month.