How to Dress your Venue

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You've got the ring on your finger, and now the planning commences. Lots of couples feel completely overwhelmed by the thought of planning a wedding, so don't worry you aren't alone! Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to take some ideas away on how you want to dress your venue. 
First up, what type of venue are you choosing? With so many more options available it’s hard to know what you want. 
Things to consider when looking for the perfect venue
  • Will the venue fit all of your guests? 
  • Do you have to use their in-house caterers/bar team? 
  • What if it rains, is it an outdoor venue? (Will they be able to keep our guests dry?)
  • Does the bar close earlier than you want?
  • Is it child-friendly? (If you're inviting children, you'll need to keep them amused!)
  • Good location? 
  • Accessibility, you may have elderly relatives in wheelchairs.
Now all of the above have been considered, onto something most people forget, but we believe is the finishing touch for any venue, lighting!
Fairy Light Wall - This is great at any wedding and commonly seen behind the top table. It adds that extra something with photos as well.

Fairy Light Canopy - Canopy lighting make a room feel more intimate and magical.

Projection Light - This isn't as common, but a fun alternative to personalise your wedding further.

Lanterns - Can add a soft romantic light to your venue, but also can be a great way to add a pop of colour.

Chandeliers - The perfect romantic lighting. They work well if you have an outdoor venue, with al fresco dining.

Hanging Umbrellas - These aren't as common, probably because the last thing you want at your wedding is rain so why would you incorporate umbrellas? Umbrellas are a great way to spread light and add a unique element to the venue.

Bunting - Bunting is a popular choice in most venues. It keeps a soft atmosphere throughout and is a great way to incorporate your colour scheme.

Drapes - Drapes are an elegant touch if you are having a sophisticated, traditional wedding. They also work well if you choose a barn as they can cover a multitude of sins.

Disco Ball - What dance floor is complete without a disco ball? The ultimate 70's must-have! The perfect piece for your reception, so everyone knows the party has started.

Edison Bulbs - These are perfect for any rustic, whimsical wedding. They provide great mood lighting for al fresco dining.

Light Letters - Saving the best until last, of course! Light up letters has boomed in the past few years. They are a great feature to any dance floor or venue. You can spell out anything that is meaningful to you although the majority choose LOVE or their initials.

We hope this has helped give you an insight into how you can transform your venue. There are many other options available, but we didn't want to overwhelm you! Happy planning - we look forward to seeing you soon.