Recipe For A Great Party

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Organizing a party to remember isn’t as easy as it sounds or as easy as you might think! You’re going to need to apply a lot of elbow grease, a little science, follow a few simple steps and pray to God you have lady luck on your side on the day of your party (you know how things love to mess up last minute).

There’s a bunch of crucial things you need to do in order to put on a perfect function. Everything from flyer artwork (or, should we say, Facebook banners) to getting an organic buzz around your party. The following checklist is guaranteed to ensure you’re the talk of the town after the party.

The Date

Make sure you throw your party on a day you know majority people will be free AND have money! The two come hand in hand; people can’t have a good time without money to spend on drinks, new outfits, new shoes/ trainers etc. And there’s nothing worse than organising a party to remember if everybody you invite won’t be there to remember it! You have to do ask around for people availability and see whether planning the party will be a waste of time. Let’s face it, you’re not Drake, Justin Beiber or some other celebrity who only has to give an hour’s notice and is still guaranteed to sell out any venue…

Create A Buzz

Give yourself a decent enough time to get a buzz going about your party! You need to get people talking about it otherwise you’re only guaranteeing yourself a flop of a party. I’d suggest a couple of months at least, and if you’re not a popular person I’d even suggest doubling that time. Use all avenues within you're reaching! You have to maximize exposure by making sure you’re advertising for free on social site such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Art Work

If you know a graphic designer or artist, get in touch with them and see if they want to work with you on some party artwork. It’s the year 2016 people so people want to know you’re making an effort with everything! Get something done that will set you apart from the others, first impressions count a million and you only get one chance to make a good one!

The Venue

Select a venue that your guests aren’t familiar with, doing this means you won’t have to worry about reminding them about bad nights they may have had at any other venues they’d visited in the past. Of course you need a spacious venue so you have enough room for everybody to dance. I always go for a no chairs rule, if your guests need to sit down, they shouldn’t be out, send them to the exit! People sitting down only brings the mood down for others and let’s face it, they also have a bad affect on pictures. Make sure your venue has room for a PhotoBooth, I’ve attended a lot of parties in my time and the ones with PhotoBooth are always better, they ease the mood when guests first start arriving and they bring out the inner children in every adult that chooses to get involved.


Everybody has danced so hard that their clothes have gone see-through with sweat. The lights are on and nobody wants to go home, where next? Avoid ruining things now by having an after-party destination locked and loaded. If you own your own place, I’d always suggest inviting a selected few people back round to continue into the early hours of the next day.

This recipe for having the best party has never ever failed me, I welcome you all to try it!